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Here are a random selection of comments from past students that have attended .NET training courses conducted by our .NET trainer, Doug Rees.

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Name: paul s.
Comments: doug was the man, i think he should teach all the .net courses, and it would be a factor if i was to do another course if doug was teaching it
Name: Phil D.
Comments: I was impressed with the depth and breadth of the technical knowledge the course instructors from the start of the course to the end.
Name: Mike R.
Comments: he is a first class trainer with amazing energy and enthusiasm for the material. His understanding of real world applications was first class.
Name: Andrew B.
Comments: This was the most intensive and also the most satisfying educational experience of my career to date. I can not say enough about my trainer, Doug Rees. That guy is gold dust. Doug made the difference between me passing and failing. It's that simple. I can't believe how much knowledge he managed to impart on me in such a short space of time. He obviously knows his subject matter inside out, but more importantly he knew how to make me understand. I would not hesitate to attend any other training course Doug was running.
Name: Martin S.
Comments: I'd like to thank Doug Rees for his amazing amount of commitment; ability to 'juggle' between presentation, examples, whiteboard etc; virtually flawless execution of his example projects; ability to explain technical implementations with reference to real-world examples (missing from the literature). Well done!
Name: Martin F.
Comments: the instructor was brilliant, exceptionally knowledgable in his area
Name: Pete O.
Comments: Fantastic instructor.
Name: Ian W.
Comments: the instructor demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the subjet matter and presented the material any expertly considering the time constraints on the course.
Name: Darrel A.
Comments: The instructor was very good, and made long lectures interesting and enjoyable. the instructor certainly knows his stuff.
Name: mark w.
Comments: he is an EXCELLENT instructor. He knows this stuff inside and out. If you could pass on my thanks I would be greatful.

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"he is an EXCELLENT instructor. He knows this stuff inside and out. If you could pass on my thanks I would be greatful."
by mark w.
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