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Here are a random selection of comments from past students that have attended .NET training courses conducted by our .NET trainer, Doug Rees.

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Name: Syed A.
Comments: the instructor did a excellent job, learnt loads :o)
Name: Daniel B.
Comments: the instructor knows his stuff and is able to pass on both a perfect balance between knowledge of the exam and real world examples to keep you interested thruought the day.
Name: Matt L.
Comments: I dont know how one man (instructor) can know so much! A really well taught course, delivered by a competent instructor with unlimited energy and a good sense of humour.
Name: Lance B.
Comments: Our trainer was top notch, his thorough knowledge of the subject and crystal clear explanations meant not a second was wasted, his passion for the subject kept it alive and interesting througout
Name: Mark R.
Comments: I think he was an amazing teacher. I have been on Microsoft courses before and generally find that the tutors have a good knowledge about the course material only. The instructor was by far the best tutor I have had the pleasure of being tought by. Not only did he know the course back to front, but his knowledge of .NET was second to none.
Name: Dave. R
Comments: I can honestly say that doug rees is the very best in the business - an expert with an enthusiasm for his subject and teaching that makes everyone motivated to learn. Thanks doug!
Name: Rob B.
Comments: Thanks a lot Doug ;)
Name: Mark O.
Comments: I have to thank the instructor for the way he delivered the course, the clarity and tempo are what really help me (relatively inexperienced in .NET) absorb so much, in such a short time. I found the course enjoyable, as well as demanding.
Name: Kevin R.
Comments: I thought the instructor was knowledgeable, showed good communications skills and helped where possible. Was also friendly and helped peolpe relax.
Name: Steve H.
Comments: he is an excellent lecturer and cleary knows his field well and with a passion.

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